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Post Order Updates

We want our customers to have a look, how their order is processed through following steps:

  • Step # 1:

    Order Placement:

    Place your order carefully, after your order is placed, it takes 24 hours to move to next step.

  • Step # 2:

    Cutting & Stitching:

    This step takes time as it is divided into further steps:

    Cutting: We love our customers and believe in providing best product for that we show keen interest on customer’s requirement. We stitch each and every order with care and attention. We make cuttings according to the sizes of customers’ demand.

    Stitching: Cutting is an important step once it is done, the fabric goes through the next stitching step. And further details are added in this process. Like zip, chain, buttons etc.

    Quality Check: Once our jackets are made then our very concerned department of Quality assurance checks every single detail and makes sure that the order is perfectly made before sending it to shipping department.

  • Step # 3:

    Shipping Process:

    For us safety is all what matters, for that we dispatch through best and fastest courier service, that will no longer takes 4 to 5 days.

  • Step # 4:

    Delivery of Consignment:

    Finally your order is delivered. We would like our customers to provide correct contact details while placing orders. It is been required by currier service.

    Our priority is to do our best to handle our customers concerns. For any further queries please contact on our online portal. If you are not sure about your correct size, we will assist you! Drop us your email address and we will provide you the measuring chart.