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The scariest, spookiest, and creepiest time of the year is just around the corner. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s the festival of the dead, Halloween. The fangs, the wings, and the gown – it’s the season to take every ghoul stuff out of your wardrobe. Nothing is more fun than dressing up at a scary Halloween day. But choosing the right outfit is crucial for a great Halloween look.

 What is Halloween and how did it start?

About 2000 years ago, the end of the summer was slightly off the bat for the Celtic community. The Celts were convinced that the barrier between our world and the world of spirits had gotten thin. This was allowing scary creatures to cross into the human world. To retaliate, the Celts threw a huge party, burnt bonfires, and wore frightening costumes. This was done to scare away all the ghosts and monsters. Today, it is one of the most awaited festivals around the world, known as Halloween.

Why do we still celebrate Halloween?

Also known as All Hallows Day, Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October every year. The event comes just one day before All Saints Day. In the second half of the nineteenth century, the Irish immigrants in America popularized the celebration of Halloween. Today, it is seen as a day to remember all those who are deceased, including the saints.

 How can we celebrate Halloween?

Just like for the Celts, costumes are still a big part of the current Halloween traditions. From Ghosts to Vampires, Superheroes to Princesses, people of all ages dress up to keep all negative powers away from them. Pumpkins are carved, sweets are distributed and the lights are dimmed. The only voices heard through the screeching silence are of “Trick or Treat”. It is a day filled with mystery and superstitions. Crossing paths with black cats is avoided as it can bring bad luck. Similarly, breaking mirrors, spilling salt or stepping on the crack in the road are considered to bring negative powers.

What are some of the best Halloween costume ideas?

Most people throw Halloween parties, where all the Ghouls and Boys vote for the best costume. Do you also have a party to attend? You can’t take a risk then. We have a few suggestions from our store for you to try:

  • Halloween Skeleton Biker Jacket

Skeleton looks are always nerve-wracking. Wearing this Biker Jacket, together with a mask, will give you a genuine sturdy and scary look. It is made of real leather and lined with viscose fibers. Regardless of the weather on the day, this jacket is tough enough to withstand any harsh conditions. So isn’t it a great choice to wear to a party and also the streets?

  • Hades Descendants 3 Leather Coat

What’s better than imitating the look of your favorite movie character? Inspired by the valiant Greek God from Descendants 3, this coat is made from pure cowhide leather. The lining of the viscose fibers from the inside makes it so cozy that you will be gliding across the Halloween, without any difficulties. Its style is further elevated with shiny studs on the front. By wearing this, you will be the bravest soul in the party.

  • Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Leather Jacket

Stylish and Cheeky, this Harley Quinn inspired leather jacket is best for all those looking for a goofy, yet nerve-wracking look on Halloween. A combination of bright red and blue, the official logo of the Suicide Squad on the back and mandarin-styled collar, everything about the jacket is trendy and fashionable. Wear a wig, hefty bright makeup, and put on this jacket on Halloween. Enough to make you a fierce diva.

  • Deadpool Maroon and Black Leather Jacket

Superhero cosplay jackets are loved by everyone and remain the most common costume to wear at Halloween. Our ultimate favorite superhero look is inspired by Deadpool. Who wouldn’t love to dress up like him? All you’ll need are full-finger Tactical gloves, Belt full set, High Boots, Tactical Leg Holster, and our very renowned Maroon and Black Leather Jacket. You’ll be the best-looking and fiercest Superhero, wherever you go.

Halloween is the best time to pull off new, brave looks. Looking for something sturdy? Flashy? Or maybe something simple? Regardless of what you’re searching for this year’s Halloween, we have everything in the store for you. Our Halloween coats & jackets are carefully stitched with only the best materials available. You can get them completely customized as well, according to your size and design preferences. Plus, nothing at CustomizeJackets is too heavy for your pocket. Everything is affordable, yet of the finest quality. So get ready to stun everyone this Halloween. The time is yours to be the best-looking ghoul.