Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Whether it is the summer season or days with cold breeze, Customize Jackets has fantastic and luxury leather jackets that are handcrafted with dedication.Wearing long coats and shrugs to avoid snowy touches is too mainstream – leather jackets at Customize Jackets are too priceless and fashionable that can make your eve looks even classy while a morning appearance promises to be wonderful in crowd. Our jackets are designed to match your taste and trends and that’s how we bring satisfaction to your shopping experience successfully. Are you looking for something chic and classy at the same time?Customize Jacket gives you a fashion pleasure and ultimate shopping experience to fulfill your desires any time.

Express Your Will at Our Desk

Do you believe in wearing a style that is beyond perfect? Customize Jackets brings exquisite style in industry to give you an outlook that is wowed at every step you walk. Our jackets are manufactured according to latest trends and the style which is famous across the globe. Make your complete look fabulous in crowd by pairing our leather jacket with the outfit you planned to carry this eve!

Still on a quest to match colors and schemes? Customize Jackets have phenomenal color range in jackets that can be worn on any occasion and festivity. We believe in letting our customers face exclusiveness every time and thus, our classically-made leather jackets can be your first choice.

Leather Jacket Outlook

Fitting and measurements are the only clues that must be looked for before giving yourself a final look. Although we have a number of designs and cater many sizes, our size chart and procedure for measurements are listed so that you can send us your specifications to make a perfect leather jacket.

Summer Leather Jackets

Want to give yourself an alluring look in summers as well? We have jackets that can be worn in summers as well as winters too. Our modern leather jackets are designed with a detachable lining so that you can transform your jacket according to season. Customize Jackets use special material in its leather jackets so that your summer outlook becomes even captivating than the winter ones.

Leather Jackets Classifications

Various types of jackets are available to give you a design that matches your taste perfectly. We have a number of leather types that could be used as per the preference and style. Our guarantee lies in giving you opportunity for choosing a leather type according to your likeness, trends, style, and fashion desires.

  • Cow Hides – extremely flexible and heavy leather which is stiff from inside and exclusively gives a protective feel. The jacket is appropriate for bikers mainly but can be used to match up other styles.
  • Buffalo Hide – similar like cow hide leather jackets but has more visible grains and is comfortable to wear on occasions.
  • Sheep and Lamb – fine, light-weight, and highly durable leather jacket which gives a comfortable feel whenever worn in a party or somewhere in a casual event.

Leather Jacket Quality

Leather type is not the only concern – Customize Jacket promises to offer quality that is beyond expectations. We believe in delivering products that are made with a finished quality and depict your fashion sense in the gathering. Our leather jackets consist of different finishes and quality that are comfortable and premium at the same time.

  • Top-grained – one of the protected qualities used in leather jackets which give a comfortable and fine feel. These jackets are most durable among all but are heavier as well.
  • Napa / Nappa – full-grained leather which is soft and durable. These jackets are velvety in nature and lie among high quality jackets. Napa /Nappa jackets are protective warm, and resistant as well.
  • Aniline – very delicate and soft leather jackets which gives a perfect and soothing feel. The leather is dyed to remove certain blemishes andgive alluring look when worn on an occasion. These leather jackets are customized for achieving protection and aesthetic goals.
  • Nubuck – velvety textured leather type which depicts high quality and distinctive compared to other leather jackets. The soft feel of jacket is what best characteristic that captivates the attention of perceivers is. Nubuck leather jacket is sanded from inside.
  • Suede – buffed-type leather jacket which is sanded outside.

Leather Jacket Categories

Customize Jacket manufactures a number of different leather jackets for different tastes and occasions. If you are looking for jackets that are not only judged by its quality but also by colors and styles, here we are with a few jackets collection that you must check out for making your look extremely perfect.

  • Biker Leather Jackets
    Biker leather jackets are exquisitely manufactured to give protection and a style that is beyond the expectations. These jackets are solely designed with perfection to make it look extravagant when worn during a bike ride. One of the best jackets you can have for biking which is wind and water resistant.


  • Zippered jackets to avoid wind from entering inside the jacket
  • Press stud flaps on shoulders for protecting bikers from back bag at high speed
  • Shoulder and elbow panels for safety purpose
  • Slim fit design for avoiding wind buffeting
  • Collar straps and cuff zippers for protecting bikers from wind
  • Bomber Leather Jackets
    All that military looks are given to fashion enthusiasts so that they can show-off their look in public with extremeness of chic and classic-ness. These jackets are designed for individuals who are likely to give themselves a formal outlook.


  • Knitted collar, cuffs, and hems for comfort
  • Waterproof design just like biker leather jackets
  • Rib knits are present to avoid heat
  • Loose fit for insulation and comfort in cockpit
  • Front and bellow pockets for the ease to carry essentials
  • Long length
  • Leather Blazers
    Blazers have evolved to transform the look by giving an extra classic and subtle outlook that demands for a perfect match. These long coats are made with leather gives a perfect top up to the outfit you wear.


  • Range of colors according to your choice and taste
  • One or two vents at the rear hem
  • Buttons are placed according to design
  • Flapped stitches to give a finest look
  • Additional cuffs with buttons on them
  • Reefer Leather Jackets
  • Just like blazers, reefers are designed for individuals who are simple lovers and want their leather jackets to give an outlook that is unmatchable. Perfection, exceptionally fine quality, and classic defines reefer leather jackets at Customize Jackets


  • Few buttons to the neck point
  • Wider lapels
  • Simple and plain backs
  • Slanted hip pockets