USA’s 121st Independence Day: How Are People Going To Celebrate It?

After being a separate state, Independence Day is celebrated in the United States on 4 July every year. This day is considered the federal holiday in the whole country. People gather and celebrate it in an American way emphasizing political freedom. If the Fourth of July lands on a weekend, then it is observed on a day before the weekend. For instance, if it lies on a Saturday then this day is celebrated on a Friday. This day has a lot of importance for the people living in the states. All government offices and schools are closed. Businesses are also supposed to be closed.

After the people, living in New England began fighting for their independence. On July 2 1776, a party named the Congress secretly voted in favor of independence from Great Britain. On July 4, 1776, declaration of independence was approved. Independence Day was declared as an unpaid holiday for the employees on the federal level after a few years. In 1941, its status changed from unpaid to paid.

Here are a few things that people do on this day:


Many activities such as watermelon or hotdog eating competitions or sporting events are carried out on this day. Children and adults indulge themselves in games like baseball games, three-legged races, swimming activities and other such games etc.



  • Fireworks


Independence Day consists of many activities that include firework displays. These firework displays represent the colors of the American flag: red, blue and white. These fireworks result in people all over the states coming over to watch them.  

  • Family get-togethers


Apart from watching the fireworks and other such things, Independence Day is one of the federal holidays commenced in the whole states. It is the chance for families to get together and relax without any other problems.

  • Farmhouses and beaches

The Independence Day is taking place in middle of the summers this year. This means that it is expected to have a hot weather which people will find difficult to relax. Many Americans will prefer to be outside on the beach or lake or visit farmhouses in the spirit of the holiday and the summers.

  • Parades

Numerous towns in America host Fourth of July parades, which includes fire trucks, marching bands and community organizations.

  • Sparklers

Another traditional way that the Americans follow is to light sparklers. It is a very fun way to celebrate Independence Day.


Many people wear the national colors of their flag on this special day. They tie their flag around their neck or simply wear shirts with a whole flag on it. They also wear jackets with the same color palette, which are available on customize jackets. From shoes to headbands or whatever item they are, carrying contains the colors of the flag.


One of the many frequent foods that are eaten throughout the whole country on this day is BBQ. It is often prepared on the grill and served alongside mashed potato, fries, coleslaw or rice.

  • Hamburgers and hot dogs

Another common food eaten by the Americans on this day are the hamburgers and hot dogs. These both items are considered the iconic foods of the day. Moreover, competitions related to hotdogs and hamburgers take place.

  • Cake

People buy cakes from the bakeries that are specially designed for this day. They contain the lovely red, white and blue colors of the flag. The colors are not included only in the cake but also cupcakes and other desserts. These decorations are done through sprinkles, a toothpick flag or fruits.


  • American Flag

In the list of must-haves, a national flag is always there. If you do not carry the flag of your own country or wear american flag leather jacket on the day it was declared independent, you are not celebrating it in the right way.

  • Streamers and Balloons

When throwing a fourth of July party, people like to decorate their houses with streamers and balloons with the representing colors to give it a more native look.


To conclude, many activities are performed on special occasions. People cook common and national foods and this day represents that the country will forever remain a peaceful, united state, which welcomes everyone around the world.