The Ultimate Couples Halloween Costume Guide

Wanting to enjoy the Halloween season with your significant other means going to costume parties. They are a lot of fun and you are bound to create some memorable moments together. Like winning the best costume award as a couple! Even if not, joining in the Halloween merriment just isn’t possible without dressing up yourself. This is the one night you can be anything or anyone you please. With so many options to choose from you might felt confused there for a while. But fret not, as Customize Jackets have a long list of Halloween ideas for a couple just for you!

Bonnie and Clyde Costume

It is impossible to not include Bonnie and Clyde in a list of most popular Halloween dresses. The infamous out-laws were the talk of the town in the 1930s. The couple recklessly robbed banks and stores and made a fortune out of it. Even a movie was made based on their exploits in 1967. The classic look of these costumes is for any couple who are history buffs.    

Adam and Eve Costume

This is literally the rendition of the most timeless couples in the world! Wearing brief leafy numbers gives a modern twist to this biblical costume concept. We at Customize Jackets, highly recommend it for long-term steady couples to show how perfect you are for each other.  

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Undoubtedly this is the sandwich combination beloved by everyone. And if you two are as perfect as that combo then go for this whimsical idea. Even if you are going with your best friend this still works great. The costume is basically gender-neutral so you can be either one you want!  

Beauty and the Beast Costume

This is definitely a tale as old as time and what could be more magical than this classic couple. As Halloween is a night of enchantment, choose to make it even more so by going as Belle and her prince. There can’t be a better personification of how beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  

Link and Zelda Costume 

This is just what is needed if you and your partner love gaming. Going to a party is certainly less daring than Link’s usual adventures. But it certainly is more fun going dressed that epically!

Harley Quinn and Joker Costume

Every lady has a quirky side that only the perfect man is able to bring out. This famous comic book duo is one of the most iconic relationships from the world of DC. They have a wide range of costumes so you can choose whichever suits you the most. If you are looking for a wild ride then these costumes are just the ticket!

Angel and Devil Costume

This is the classic pair that is never going to go out of style. It would be even more perfect if your love story is a case of “opposites attract”. Embody the mischief of the devil and the innocence of the angels by choosing these costumes.  

Luigi and Mario and Luigi Couple Costume

This is absolutely the most well-loved and versatile costume idea for anyone who is a fan. You can be Mario and Luigi even if you are twins, brothers, or just fellow gamers! Furthermore, there are so many characters in this franchise that you can never run out of options. You can dress up as Mario and Princess Peach or Daisy and Luigi. Or if extraordinary is what you are aiming for Wario and Waluigi are a good combo too!

Bacon and Eggs Costume

Be the favorite breakfast that everyone wants to have in the morning. Nothing can pair better with eggs than sizzling bacon slices, right? Just like you are so perfectly meant to be with your partner. So, show it off with some comic fun through this costume.

The Flintstones Costume

We are certain that Wilma and Fred Flintstone would be positively psyched to experience modern times. They have been a part of our childhood so why not bring them to life as adults? The costumes are comfortable enough for a long night out with their simple designs.

Salt and Pepper Costume

Would you be the salt to my pepper? That is the question you must ask your partner when you bring out this idea. These condiments perfectly compliment each other. And so will you two when you choose to wear them.

Princess Jasmine and Aladdin Costume

Another classic couple from the realm of Disney that will never lose its appeal. The perfect rags to riches story, Aladdin won his princess’s heart through the sincerity of his character. Hence, this combination is the best if you are a couple who loves some fairytale fantasy.

Batman and Cat woman Costume

We could not leave out the hero when we have already mentioned the villains right? The gorgeous and clever Cat woman has been a source of temptation for Batman, and no doubt the best pick for superhero couple costumes. And it could be the same for you and your partner. So, don’t be afraid to show up in those leathers and claws for some proper partying.

Popeye and Olive Costume

This seafaring classic cartoon is known and beloved to everyone. And who can forget his girl in red who Popeye is ever ready to rescue? Just secure a can of spinach and you are set for Halloween fun.

Jon Snow and Daenerys Costume

The relationships depicted in Game of Thrones are a bit complex, to say the least. But Jon Snow and Daenerys are one of the most-rooted for the couple in the show. Apart from the mother of dragons, there are so many more character pairs to choose from this series. You can also go as Khal Drogo and Daenerys or Ygritte and Jon Snow. These are the best costumes for any GOT fans out there.

This was our list of some interesting and fun Halloween costume ideas. You can be partying with a special someone or just looking to enjoy yourself with friends. We got you covered for all the ideas you could possibly need. You can give your own little spins to the costumes even to make them more unique.