The Best Animal Costumes for Family in 2020 Halloween

Animals are awesome. You can be a pet lover or a wildlife enthusiast or perhaps even work with animals. In all of these cases, you might be looking for an animal costume to wear at Halloween. There is a large variety of animal get-ups for adults and kids available. You can choose anything from bugs to sea life, amphibians, reptiles, or mammals. Any creature you wish for you can now find a costume to dress up as. We have compiled a list of the best animal-themed family Halloween costumes to make the choice easier for you.

North American Mammal Costumes

North America has a lasting supply of cute and cuddles mammals. That is one major reason behind them being the perfect costumes! There will be no awkward gaps in the conversation while another person tries to guess your costume. Dress up as the clever fox, a squirrel, or even a deer. There are options available in this theme for all the members of your family.

The South American Mammal Costumes

The Amazonian rainforest has been the center of fascination for so many nature fans. Which is mainly due to the huge amount of exotic plants and animals there. There are also some of the same species here as North America like bats, mice and porcupines. But there are a ton of other lovely creatures to choose from as well. These include adorable sloth, llama or armadillo costumes.

African Mammal Costumes

Here is an opportunity to bring the true African safari to a Halloween party. There are realistic costumes that have printed detailing such as an elephant or hippo. Or you can go for an animated look with a warthog or meerkat costume. And there is no end to the big cat variety. You can be anyone from lions to cheetahs or leopards from the savannah. Your family is sure to give off Madagascar and Lion King vibes if set out in this theme.

European and Asian Mammal Costumes

The Ural mountain forms a natural border between Asia and Europe. However, these continents do have some similar animals inhabiting them. Namely goats, tigers, hedgehogs, reindeers, and wolves. Children are most likely to want to dress up as a tiger or maybe a panda. The European animal theme works to depict fairy tales and fables too. Such as the Tortoise and the Hare or Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Insect costumes

There an endless array of bugs when you come to this theme. Bugs can be pesky and downright creepy at times. But you cannot deny they are an undeniable part of our ecological environment. And some of them are keeping us alive like the honeybees! You can be a scary insect or a cute one as you please. There are so many variations you can play around within this theme. Some favorites of the girls are spider, butterfly, bee, or ladybug costumes. While the boys would enjoy silly ones like ants, flies, and grasshoppers.

Bird Costume

If you prefer to wear vivid and colorful ensembles, a bird costume won’t disappoint you. These avian outfits come in a wide variety. From pink flamingos to scarlet macaws and blue and green peacocks there is no lack of hues. Some people might judge you as being a bird-brain but do your thing! The prominent wings, oversized headpieces, and tail feathers are immense fun to dance in. It is your choice to tap your feet like a penguin show your skills as a huge billed Toucan.

Reptile and Amphibian Costumes

Choose green as your color by dressing up as a reptile or amphibian. Grab your favorite whether it is a frog, crocodile, or lizard. Make sure you show off those webbed feet and scales! Reptiles are cold-blooded but these onesie costumes will certainly keep you warm.

Marine Creature Costumes

The seas are filled to the brim with marvelous creatures. Your child might be aspiring to be a marine biologist. Or you could be wishing to swim with dolphins. Either way, you can enjoy these costumes on Halloween of any sea creature you can think of. Be a playful dolphin or a silly narwhal. Kids or adults can both choose awesome sea dwellers to dress up as. You could be a sea turtle, seahorse, lobster, jellyfish, a seahorse, or the most-feared shark.

Farm Animal Costumes

Farm animals are the charm of country life. If your family loves to visit the country and breath some fresh air this theme will bowl them over. There are many cute options to choose from so you won’t be short on that. Cows are silly and yet still cute as a Halloween costume. Your child can be a cute chicken or a sweet baby goat. Baby lamb and baby donkey costumes are sure to make your child the center of attention. There are cute and funny outfits you can choose from to make your next Halloween party memorable.

Shark Costume

Shark Costumes deserve a mention all on their own. After all, there a whole week celebrated in honor of them now. When it comes to shark costumes there are no limits of age or gender. You can surely get an entire Baby Shark costume range for your family. There are the iconic baby shark and the mommy and daddy shark costumes to go with.  The craziness does not end there. If you are a super-specific shark lover you can get costumes for each species. This includes hammerheads and the great white. Hence, there are some great choices available for anyone who is a shark fan. Or just has kids infatuated with the song “Baby Shark”. Which is most of us.

Here ends our list of the most interesting Halloween costumes for the family for 2020. We are hoping that we helped find you the perfect costumes for you. The best thing about Halloween is you can be anyone you want to be. So, go ahead and have some wild fun for a night.