Ideas for Fathers Day Gifts to Surprise Your Dad

A coffee cup

There are so many customized coffee cups available online. You can get a small heartfelt message printed on it and gift it to your dad on father day. A coffee cup with your message will remind him every day in the morning how much you love him and appreciate him.

Travel Laptop Backpack

A backpack which can store his laptop and other things while traveling will be a great gift idea for your father if he travels continuously.

Anything leather

If your father loves to dress up than giving him a leather jacket from customize jackets is a good move since a jacket is classy and gives a rugged look. You can also give a leather wallet where he can keep all his money. Such useful things that also have style will make your dad more than happy.

Whiskey Decanter and Rocks Glasses Set

This is the perfect gift for fathers who like to celebrate every occasion with whiskey now and then.

Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

It’s every fathers hobby to host the ideal BBQ parties and own a patio with a grill on it. The patio can come later but this father’s day, surprise your father with an Indoor/Outdoor Electric grill and set his mood between happy and excitement

Dad established glass

A dad established glass can hold nay drink for your father but also remind him of dates where his major life events happened and that changed his life like becoming a father.

Home Mini

Who isn’t a fan of technology these days? Get your big man the home mini by Google and let him stay up to date with the technology and trend.

Scotch Infused Toothpicks Gift sets

There is nothing better than a set of toothpicks for your father that taste and smells like scotch. Its available on many stores and even online. 

A watch

If you want to go simple yet meaningful, a watch can be a delightful idea. A watch is a reliable and legible gift that your dad will end up loving. You can also get a message engraved inside the watch to remind him about how much he means to you.

A journal

A dad who’s a travel enthusiast and has many stories to tell and share will absolutely appreciate this journal. A journal will let him record his experiences and his adventures and it can be later being passed onto the later generations too. A journal is something that will always keep him alive.

Garden and Outdoor lighting


Everyone loves it when their house looks good and beautiful. Gifting him a set of garden and outdoor lighting will make him excited and happy that you are willing to invest in what he likes. Garden and Outdoor lighting

The ultimate dad hoodie

Every man in the world loves a big hoodie and like men leather jacket | customize jackets , the ultimate dad hoodie will make him content and satisfied and fulfill his fashion choices.

A family photo

Giving him a big family photo for his workplace will remind him every day that he is not alone and has a big huge loving family supporting him.


Hence, the above mentioned are some of the gift ideas that are guaranteed to make your father feel special and validated on the big day.