How Should a Men’s Pea Coat Fit and What Color You Should Pick?

Long coats are becoming a receding trend these days. Full-length coats are difficult to maintain with the stains and dust they quickly attract. A men’s pea coat is both a fashionable and practical solution to this dilemma. Peacoat’s attributes include being more comfortable, manageable, and stylish. If you a fashion enthusiast you will never get bored with the trendy look of this style.

According to stylists of men’s leather jackets, overcoats are most suitable with formal clothing underneath. While the peacoat has no such prohibitions. You can easily wear it with a casual outfit and lend it an appeal. Keep in mind that peacoats need to specifically tailored to your measurements in order to look good. We have some points that will help determine the best fit for your body when getting a peacoat.

The Shoulder Area

 The coat must be correctly measured in the shoulders. A crumpling effect can ruin the whole appearance. And this is bound to happen if the seams are not proportionate with your shoulders. The tidier they are the better it will look on you.

 The Sleeves

 The way that the sleeves fall along the length of your arm is an important factor. There is a simple way to know if the sleeves are a perfect fit for you or not. Hold your arms straight along each side of your body. Face your palm towards and check if the sleeve is touching the top of it. If so, then they are the right size for you.

 It Should Not be Baggy

 Peacoats do not go along with a baggy style. Unlike a trench coat, this coat style hugs close to your body. Of course, it should have some space left over for comfort. Yet the goal is to look trimmed and slick overall.

 The Collar

 There is no one single design of collars that are associated with peacoats. Hence, there aren’t any rules you need to follow here. A peacoat can come with different styles of collars and there is no standard design. In fact, going for a unique width or style can give you the trendsetting vibe.

The Length

And now the most important part, the length of the coat. The ideal length is when it reaches the lower crotch area. This is the maximum length of this outfit. Do not aim to go for a longer look as it will destroy the style.

These five points are essential to remember when you are wearing a trench coat. Having an accurately fitted outfit is currently at the top of fashion trends. Slim and trim fits have become a requirement, especially for formal attire. And they do give you a polished and put-together look that makes you feel ready to face any challenge.

When a piece of clothing comes in trend, its available varieties suddenly go up a notch. It’s the same for peacoats. The various features and colors of the coat provide something for everyone’s styling preference. You can go for a simple design or add a bit of flair with fur trimmings.

The basic peacoat design has remained the same for centuries. Yet minor features like buttons and lapel details are played around with to give it a spin. When you set out to buy a peacoat for yourself, the next step after good fitting is choosing the color. There are the basic 6 colors that the peacoat comes in which are:

  • Navy Blue
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Camel
  • Camel

Black has been a staple for peacoats for a long time. However, their original color was blue. The array of colors is quite complimentary to whichever season you wear it in. Green is the most recent color variation that this style has seen. Before 2016, it wasn’t a color that was much acceptable for men’s wear.

Grey is the closest competitor to black when it comes to public preference. The less worn and decidedly the more chic shades are the camel and brown peacoats. These colors give off a luxurious vibe that fashion-conscious people gravitate towards more often. Even women are going for peacoats of these colors.

These were all our tips which will help you purchase a peacoat that is meant just for you. What you wear is a huge reflection of who you are. Do not make hasty decisions when you adding something new to your wardrobe. Determine your body type and choose colors and fittings accordingly. It is important to feel comfortable in what you wear. Yet it is also necessary to be confident about your appearance. Following fashion trends is not about copying an outfit that everyone is wearing. It means finding your own identity in the crowd and feel good about it.