Guide to Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Costume | Harley Quinn Style

The character of Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie strikes a wild and vibrant image in the film Birds of Prey. It is based on the DC comic of the same name. With a series, cartoons and comic books this character has a lot of related merchandise. This involves turning the classic Harley Quinn costumes into reality for its enormous fandom. 

The character also appeared in the DC film Suicide Squad in 2016. The wardrobe back then for Harley, was very limited. As she has a single iconic look throughout the film. However, we see a great variety of costume changes in Birds of Prey. We have here a complete guide to each of the flamboyant outfits worn by Harley in Birds of Prey. Also, we have thrown in her Suicide Squad jacket that we all want to possess, as a bonus.

The Birds of Prey Jacket

Harley maybe a fictional character but that doesn’t diminish her status as a trendsetter. Her statement piece designed like a biker jacket is a testament to that. It is incredibly tailored out of genuine leather. Together with a comfortable and smooth viscose inner lining this is bound to keep you protected from the cold. Its shiny ebony color takes the coolness of this outer layer to a whole new level. The jacket sports a classic collar, full sleeves and a zipped front closure. The star of this show though, are the fringes attached to the sleeves. These give it a super trendy look to this birds of prey fringe jacket that is hard to match.

Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Blazer

The blazer is another one of Harley’s striking costumes that set her apart. Its bright blue background with flashy patches and Signature Emblem Décor makes it as unique as Harley. The fabric is a top-quality wool-blend perfect to keep the weather at bay. The viscose layer in this blazer keeps it soft and easy to wear. The collar has peaked labels and the long sleeves sport open-hem cuffs. The buttoned front is ultra-stylish and completes the retro look.

Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Duster Jacket

This silver beauty just lends more sparkle and vivacity to Harley’s wardrobe. The full-length coat is made in the finest royal blue velvet. Blues seem to be a preference of Harley in this film as opposed to the red and white vibes of Suicide Squad. The stunningly gorgeous fitted sleeves are covered with silver sequins. The duster favors a round neck look instead of a collar. It has an open front that is perfect for displaying any outfit you wear underneath.

Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Golden Romper

The Harley Quinn Romper is the most eye-catching of her outfits. The diamond pattern in classic gold take the character to her basic whimsical roots. The cotton fabric is comfortable to wear and soft to the touch. It is also great for the cold weather with its viscose lining to keep you cozy and warm. The front zip closure makes it both stylish and easy to wear. There are four pockets overall, two slant and two in the back. This piece is sure to make you stand out in a part.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jacket

This Sucide Squad Harley Quin Jacket jacket has been the most coveted merchandised item when the film came out. People were crazy to possess it whether they were comic book lovers, movie fans or just collectors. The character had the highest rates of cosplay and Halloween costumes. And none of these looks could be complete without the signature blue and red layer worn by Harley.

It is basically a bomber jacket made out of extremely soft and lightweight satin fabric. The viscose lining gives it the degree of warmth and comfort you are looking for. The sleeves are full length with rib knit cuffs. The cuffs, hem and collar are all tailored out of red and white striped material. While the rest of the jacket is a brilliant blue and red hue, that has a glossy and smooth look courtesy of the satin. The back is a particular statement piece with Property of Joker printed in gold. If Harley Quinn is your favorite comic book character then this is a must have.

Here concludes our full guide to each of the costumes that are worn by Harley. The character is a unique mix of evil and good. Fans have been mesmerized by the unpredictability she brings to the plot. This makes Harley Quinn a star like no other. She is a character that keeps you guessing and that is just one of her charms. Despite being categorized a villain, you can frequently see the humane and positive side of Harley. She is there to stand for the underdog as she remembers her own suffering as well. We would not have been so besotted by her if it wasn’t for her depth of character.