Get the Ultimate Cosplay Guide and Inspiration by Customize Jackets

Are you looking for the perfect costume to wear to your next cosplay party? We have gathered some amazing ideas that you can wear and pull off and look like the perfect version of the character you are going for:

  • Captain America

You might have seen Chris Evans who plays Captain America in the Avengers series has a really strong look that captivated many hearts. If you want to dress up just like Captain America, then you can start by wearing colors like blue, white and grey because these are most of the colors that Captain America was seen wearing. You carry these basic t-shirts with basic jeans and an original leather jacket from customize jackets. They have the perfect civil war jackets for all the Captain America lovers out there. The leather jacket is made of banded snap-collar and zipped cuffs, which will surely make you, look stylish and handsome.

  • Star lord

Star lord or peter quill, the main hero for guardians of the galaxy, has been seen wearing a red leather jacket in all its movies. If you want to look like Star lord and have the same rugged and cool look, then start by wearing a red original jacket, which can also be comfortable. The jacket should have banded collar, front zip closure, a show buckle on the sleeves and most importantly, it should be red. You can wear this outfit over black pants and look like the perfect Star lord yourself.

  • Iron man

If you want to just be like the one who started avengers and even a bigger iron man fan, then you start by wearing all black. Your shirt including your pants should be black as well. You can order the same replica of the black leather jacket that was worn by Robert Downey Jr. in iron man part one from The leather jacket they are offering is made of cowhide leather and internal comfortable viscose lining. It has an asymmetrical zip closure just like the real iron man wore it and zipped cuffs. This will be the perfect look for a party and or a daytime look and you can end up giving off major tony stark vibes.

  • Superman

If you have a cosplay party to attend and you want to look exactly like superman then start wearing the superman black jacket. It has a big symbol of superman in front. There is nothing better than letting people know from your jacket how big of a fan are you of the man who known for saving the world. It also has padded shoulders that are guaranteed to make you look strong and undefeatable.

  • Spiderman

Every kid and adult once in their lifetime wanted to dress up like spiderman and have the ability to jump on huge buildings. However, jumping on the buildings might be impossible but not looking like the real spiderman. You can order your customizable cosplay leather jacket based on your favorite hero from customize jackets in whatever material you want.

  • Deadpool

To look like the perfect Deadpool guy, you can wear a black and leather outerwear. To wear it for your costume party, make sure that it has the same detailed lining as the original one and the same colors. You will end up looking for the guy who is on a mission to wipe out the titans and has incredible fighting skills.

  • Venom

As dangerous as venom was, he was equally cool. If you love a good science fiction thriller, then you should go ahead and buy yourself a venom Eddie Brock leather jacket. You can get a jacket with the spider symbol in the front or the back and pull off an outstanding look.

  • Batman

If you want to look exactly like Batman that you have seen on the screen then start by pulling off a look that shows a combination of class and mystery. A red and black jacket can be a perfect example of this combination. Bruce Wayne was known for his wit, intelligence, and his mysterious ways. You can look just like him by wearing the same jacket that he wore.

  • Star wars

If you are planning to go as one of the characters from star wars, then it’s the right time to dress up with outerwear just like Qi’ra. It will make you look chic, trendy yet dangerous and someone should not mess with. The chic Emilia Clarke look can be the perfect look to achieve for your casual gatherings. If you are a guy then you can always go for the Jedi Poe Cameron Star Wars Jacket which will make you slay anytime anywhere.