Everything You Need To Know About The New Crime Drama Series “The Equalizer”

All you need to know about the new crime drama series-The Equalizer

Everything You Need To Know About The New Crime Drama Series “The Equalizer”

Being at home and looking for the best crime drama series around to watch this spring? Well, if that is the case then here us out. Premiered on the CBS network, “The Equalizer” is right here to set your TV screens on fire. The first episode of this American crime drama television series was broadcasted on February 7th, 2021.

The Equalizer 2021 is a perfect concoction of thriller-crime and action. The spine-chilling storyline and excellent direction of the series has made it become one of the most trending series. The crime drama series is the second reboot in the franchise that is the sequel to the 2014 and 2018 film created with the same name.

The premier of the series was dedicated to the co-creator of the franchise Richard Lindheim who passed away in January 2021.


In the series The Equalizer 2021, Robyn Mccall is the main character starring by Queen Latifa. This American actress is also known as a phenomenal singer, rapper, songwriter, and director in her respective field. She is the main character of the series playing the role of former CIA operative who is trying to seek justice on her own terms in New York City.

Chris North is also making an appearance in the series as William Bishop. He portrays the character of an ex-CIA director who recruits Robyn for the private security job. He is the most amazing actor in town know for “Sex and the city” and “The good wife”.

Tory Kittles would show up as Marcus Dante. He would be portraying as an intelligent and shrewd NYPD detective on Robyn’s trail.

Adam Goldberg is playing the character of Harry Keshegian. He serves as the hacker friend of Robyn and is legally dead. The series is definitely going to tie you up with desperation and you will not want to leave any episode from the entire series.

The role of Melody Bayani is portrayed by Liza Lapira. She is playing the character of Robyn’s bartender and ex-sniper friend who assists the Jewel.

Pretty Laya DeLeon Hayes can also be seen as Delilah who is the daughter of Robyn McCall.

We are going to witness Lorna Courtney who would be playing the role of Jewel Machado. She would get caught up in murder conspiracy. This is where the series will take an excellent crime turn.

In the supporting cast, Lorraine Toussaint as Frieda Lascombe, Michael Rady as Reese Pruitt, Daniel Passaro as Henry Willard, Jimonn Cole as James Burke, and Wadi Jones as Chance Kovac would also be present in the series.


Due to an excellent storyline and different concepts following the 2014 and 2018 films, the series has gained completely a separate fan base. People are crushing over the incredible performance of Queen Latifah. She has simply nailed the series with her energetic performance.

The main plot of the story revolves around the life of Robyn McCall. She is an enigmatic woman who is a single mother to a teenage daughter Delilah. Robyn acts as a vigilante for justice while pursuing her own vendettas.

As the result of an incredible performance by every actor, the series is expected to be watched more than the films. Queen Latifah has made a powerful comeback to the small screens and fans are being so excited, of course!

On rotten tomatoes, the series has the rating of 61% that is based on the reviews from 18 critics. This creates the average rating of 5.7/10. Well, the series has gained mixed reviews up till now and this would further be cleared with other episodes.


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The netizens are pretty excited to watch Queen Latifah on the TV screens and we believe that it is going to be her powerful comeback. Her performance in the first episode got everyone glued to their seats and this is the guarantee of the successful crime series.

Her personality, elegance, and strength of character have made her standout from the crowd and we are highly impressed by it. Queen Latifah is going to make headlines with such a groundbreaking performance.

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