Different Types and Styles of Motorcycle Jackets

If you love cruising on motorcycles, a leather jacket is bound to be in your wardrobe. There is a whole array of styles when it comes to types of leather jackets. If it is a staple item of clothing for you then it is important to understand the differences. This will be immensely helpful when you are out to buy a new jacket. Choosing the right one leads to investing in a piece that you will use for a long while. Therefore, here we are going to give you all the information you need about motorcycle jackets. Read ahead to make sure you select the perfect one next time you are out shopping for a jacket!

Types of Motorcycle Jackets

There are basically two basic type of materials to consider when buying motorcycle jackets. Leather jackets and ones that are manufactured from textile. Each type has its own features and benefits. Your final decision would be based on which type suits you the most according to your usage and lifestyle.

Textile jackets are lightweight making them good for summers. The fabric is breathable and keep you ventilated leather jacket on hot days. They are also good for rainy seasons as they are also available in water resistant fabric. Hence, you do not need to fear the weather when you are in the mood for a highway cruise.

However, our personal favorite is leather. Due to their lighter fabric, textile jackets wear out quickly. On the other hand, leather jackets are more durable and have a longer life. Another big advantage that give them an edge over textile is that they are abrasion resistant. If you are ever caught in an accident, leather jackets are a great protection against road rash. But leather needs particular attention if you want to keep it good as new. Also, it does not fare well in rainy or hot seasons.

Styles of Motorcycle Jackets

Now we are going to delve into the different styles available in motorcycle jackets. On a broad scale there are four major categories which are: racing, cruiser, street, and adventure. Each of the styles caters to a particular need and is suited for different scenarios. The modern designed jackets are an ideal mix of fashion along with being practical, and you can even get them on our Christmas deals at an amazing discounted prices.

Cruiser Motorcycle Jackets

Similar to the classic cruiser motor bike, cruiser jackets have also recently become a hot trend. Leather cruiser jackets are great for keeping you shielded from the wind. They are reliable and last for a long time in your closet, thus making them a worthy investment. Comfort and protection are two other prominent elements that make a cruiser jacket a great purchase.

Street Motorcycle Jackets

Street style is a much sought-after fashion trend and  has a cooler and more laid-back vibe. Leather street bike jackets are usually fitted with removable liners and venting. You can also have a green biker jacket in a mix of leather and textile. This way you end up possessing a jacket that is for all seasons. This style of jackets is very versatile. They also come with additional armored protection as they are meant for rough use and wear.

Racer Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle racing jackets are made from a thicker form of leather. Usually that makes cowhide leather the best option for it as it provides good abrasion protection. Racer Jackets are also bedecked with quite a lot of armor in key areas. These include the back, shoulders, front and elbows to make sure your body receives less impact and scratches. The jackets also have features like lapels which you can attach to your pants for preventing it from rising. They are usually designed in an aerodynamic style and sleek and tight fitting.

Adventure Motorcycle Jackets

These biker jackets are the real deal when you are up for an adventure on the road. They are tailored exactly for this purpose and you will find them perfect outerwear for it. They are breathable and keep you properly ventilated while being insulated. Thermal liners can be added to make them warmer and better for harsh weather.

Another most useful thing about them is that they have a good number of pockets. As adventure biking is a daring feat these jackets are perfect to accommodate you if you are an enthusiast. The jackets end up below your waistline to ensure you are covered properly from all angles. They also come with tall collars that cover up your neck from heat, dust, and wind for good measure. A great clothing option for anyone who has this bold streak.

Lasting Note

Motorcycle Jackets are available in a lot of styles with their own unique features. The best way to make the buying decision is determining how you tend to use them. They are a defining fashion trend that would complete your outfits even if you are not specifically a biker.