The Greatest Costume Guide To Be Like Harley Quinn

It’s time to turn your fan following into a real-life example. Whenever it comes to the creepy yet crazy characters, Harley Quinn always takes leads. Well, it’s because we all love her character association and the way she portrays herself.

Why not keep your fan following game strong and dress like Harley Quinn? By the way, a relatable event is also around the corner. Halloween is here! Oh yes, the time has come to get all of your preparations done and to make your dream come true. What are your thoughts? I’m all up for this idea!

Would you like to know what are my plans? Relax! It will not be extravagant. I have just made a list of Harley Quinn’s characters and costumes which can be wear as a Halloween costume. Let me start listing down. You all keep following!

Party romper of Quinn- go all crazy and creepy 

Besides those long robes, let’s go for something classy and casual. Use this cosplay costume as your party outfit and this Halloween, look unique. If you are willing to win the dress contest, then take this suggestion as a worthy piece of advice and wear Quinn’s party romper. Before it gets too late, get your hands on the romper of Harley Quinn or either buy one on with little customization. The choice is yours!

To enhance your character, don’t forget to copy the style by adding similar accessories like that wig with two ponies, tied in all-rounded shaped. That heart-shaped tattoo on the left cheek and that dark audacious red lip color.

Pairing jacket with shoes- for suicide squad look 

Just like me, if you don’t want to look extra then here comes the best idea for you. Instead of investing huge on the outfit, let’s create look with makeup this time. Do you have a jacket? The Harley Quinn leather jacket? If not, then it’s fine! We will make your simple leather jacket into your favorite celeb’s outwear by creating a complete look through makeup.

Why not use your blue shadow to make bluish teary eyes with smoky touch and complimenting red lip shade. All you need to is, buy Quinn’s wig. By the way, wearing a neck choker will enhance your looks more and oh, don’t forget to carry your gun with you.

Let’s break the boundaries- wear breakup costume

There is not one, but plenty of styles with which Harley is making her fans crazy. Here comes another one- easy to carry, bold in look! So, what if you broke up? Leaving a party is still not a good choice. Along with Halloween, let’s celebrate your breakup party too. Yes! Its time to go beyond the boundaries. Be audacious to wear your old-tee with the glittered bottom. I have one more interesting idea; you can also go for a customized tee. Imagine wearing a tee with boldly written ‘I DON’T CARE’ Oh, what a feeling it would be.

Wait, even if you are on your breakup phase, makeup is still mandatory. Take your palette out, give your eyelids a little touch of mud brown and wood brown. Keep the wig game strong and go all bold with your rep lip tint.

Take your partner in crime with you- get a jail costume<

Are you planning to go with your girls’ gang? If yes, then take your all crime partners in the game and dress up in jail costume. Well, not necessarily you have to purchase an entire costume. Do you have a pale-orange shirt? If yes, then take it out from your wardrobe, wear a skin fitted white tee, and go for the same pale-orange color bottom. By the way, if you are thinking about that bold-black text then don’t worry. Use a permanent marker and as well as your creative skills to create an exact look of Quinn’s costume. Come on, it’s easy, you just need to write and highlight the text.

Well, we all know about the makeup, that same red lip color, hear tattoo on the left cheek and that off-white wig with two ponies tied with slight curls. However, for eyes, you need to keep your hand light. Don’t go too heavy with your eyes. Keep it simple and shady with a dusk brown shade.

So, this was my list. What about you? Have you prepared any list yet? If not, then feel free to take any of the ideas from my list. Yes! You heard exactly right. This is a list of open ideas which you all can take as an inspiration. What are you waiting for? Just select any one costume which you would like to wear. Start your shopping now and keep all things align, onset. I’m super excited to look like my favorite celeb, Harley Quinn. Are you excited? Share your thoughts with us.