7 Ways to Maintain Your Leather Jacket | CustomizeJackets

A leather jacket has been a style statement in all these years and not once, it has been replaced by any other fashion piece. Owning a leather jacket can be very high maintenance because leather requires constant care or it will lose its shine and the look it once had. One often wonders how to keep this fashion piece stick to its originality and here are a few ways to take care of your leather jackets:

Use leather conditioner occasionally

One way to keep the stains and dust of your leather jacket and to make sure it looks new as before, it is important to use the leather conditioner occasionally. It will restore the oil of the leather and make it shine. To apply leather conditioner, keep in mind that this method only applies when the leather starts to get dry or stiff otherwise too much conditioning will ruin your leather coat.  To select which leather conditioner, make sure to knowledge yourself about the material of the leather coat and which conditioner suits the best. Things to avoid when buying a leather conditioner is to make sure it do not contain petroleum, wax or any kind of mineral oil or saddle soap.


Polishing your leather once in a while is imperative to keep its shine but regularly polishing can make it lose its shine and make it look old. Regular polishing has the tendency to make it lose its color, dry it out, or clog the surface with oils. If you intend to use a shoe polish meant for leather, it’s better to know that shoe polishes are for only leather shoes and not leather jackets.

Dry when it gets wet

If your jacket gets wet due to rain or due to some other reason, dry it by hanging it. Do not dry it in direct sunlight or any direct heat source. It can burn the leather or make it dry. If there any objects in it when it got wet, make sure to remove when it’s drying so that the leather does not stretch.

Use a brush to clean it

This fashion piece will end up being excessively used by you because of its classy and rugged texture. Use of it can result in dust and sand on it. To remove any kind of dust on the jacket, Brush the dust off with a gentle brush or cloth and avoid using anything harsh that might ruin the texture of the jacket. Try using a camel hair brush or a dry cotton cloth to remove the dust from it.

Store it in a cool place

It is imperative to store it in a cool place, away from any kind of heat sources or direct sunlight that has a potential threat to its material and texture. Storing it in a cool place will not only ensure that its material stays intact but it will also allow it to breathe and it can be safe from the humid weather. Avoid storing the leather jacket in a plastic bag or shopper.

Padded clothes hanger

Men leather jackets can easily get stretched because of its texture and excessive use that’s why after using it, hang the jacket in a padded clothes hanger that does not stretch the hanger and avoids any kind of wrinkles.

Clean the inner lining

The more you wear it, the more likely sweat and dirt will get trapped inside the inner lining of the jacket. It can cause an unpleasant smell and ruin your jacket in future. To avoid that bad smell, let it out in fresh air away from sunlight or you can spray a little bit of vinegar on its inner lining and you can also wash it off lightly with a detergent.


In short, the fashion statement through the years can take a lot of time and effort. It needs to be constantly cleaned and polished because of its sensitive material. Leather is expensive and does not survive if you leave it without caring about it. Hence, conditioning it occasionally, polishing it rarely, making sure to hang it in a cool and breathable space and to know the right methods to use when it gets dirty or wet is important if you own one.