7 Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Hollywood Movies & TV Shows

Halloween is around the corner yet many of you are still confused about how to dress up this year. Selecting a Halloween costume is the most difficult thing and we all better know why. 

Repeating the same old themes eventually slow down the exciting pulses and even makes Halloween party more boring. Why not try something new this year? Instead of creating your costumes, try replicating ideas from Hollywood movies and TV shows.

Halloween is a night of freedom where there are no casual or formal boundaries. Though, we know some of you are too lazy to even customize your costume while a few of you are running out of good ideas.  So, this year, get your hands on some new yet unique Halloween costume ideas and slay just like your favorite characters.

Here, we are suggesting some best and inspiring Hollywood movies and TV shows that can give you amazing costume designs. Whether you want to go extra-bold or wish to dress up in complete stylish tones, we can help you in getting your dress tailored with unique detailing and some amazing inspirations. So, bring on your fan base, and let’s begin the fun!

Forky- Toy Story 4

Forky’s bloomy blue smirk and googly eyes have won the hearts of many. Toy Story 4 has created a huge fan base and some of you surely can’t resist taking inspiration from this funky character. If you are facing difficulty in deciding your Halloween costume and don’t wish to go too heavy with your choice then Forky’s apparel is your first option to go, feel free to thanks us later!

Joe Exotic- Tiger King

If you have a creative mind and likes DIY then Joe Exotic from the movie Tiger King is the best Halloween option. Though, to make it more compatible for Halloween night you may have to make some additions such as, pairing you printed T-shirt with a weird wig or painting your face with some unique detailing. Although, you can even create an exotic animal look by adding a touch of tiger or dog’s look.

Spider-Man Noir- Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Are you the biggest fan of spider man?  If yes, then this idea is for you. We know that you are tired of wearing that same red and blue spiderman dress and want some change. So, here we go with this new look! Try this all new spider-man noir look from the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and look weird this Halloween. A long black coat with a silky black mask will shape you into a unique strange old-man. 

Daenerys and Drogon- Game of Thrones

Do you have an audacious yet strange personality? Because we have an amazing character inspiration for you. How about Daenery and Drogon from Game of Thrones? Although, for this, you might have to get your hands on mini dragons because this mother of dragons is, of course, nothing without her dragons. In case, if you have comfortable carrying mini dragons with you then feel free to dress in a bat costume.

Agents- Men in Black

Some of you surely own a quite serious personality and doesn’t like going too extra with your Halloween looks. If you can relate to the scenario then we are here to go with the scenario then here we are, with the best costume idea. Now, you don’t have to compromise on your decent persona. Just bring on your macho sunglasses, suit, and tie and dress like the agents of Men in Black. Oh by the way, just take it easy, you don’t have to act like detectives.

The masked swinger- reality show

Surely many of you have heard of the famous masked singer of Korea’s reality show. This one costume might weigh 50 pounds but it’s totally worth to be wear after all when it comes to looking unique, what else could be a better option. Not only this, you can get this costume easily custom from (feel free to eliminate details that you don’t like), and here you are, good to go with this new look. Although, we must suggest you not make changes in the mask as this might kill the actual look.

Bill Skarsgard- It Chapter Two

No one can ignore a creepy clown’s look if you want to get noticed at your Halloween party. Try dressing up in clown’s get up of movie ‘It Chapter Two’ and go all weird with your Halloween costume. Bring on your strange personality and make everyone surprised. Get your hands on face paints, tailor your costume, and hit on the floor with a unique getup.

So, it’s time to wrap up a list of all ideas. We gave some best yet trendy costume suggestions from which you all can take inspirations. This Halloween, instead of focusing on being creepy only, try some new ideas and look different.